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Custom IDX Websites

Includes automated video & cinemagraph creation!

Get Back to Being an Agent!

Spend less time behind a computer, and more time WOWING clients.

Website Features:
  • Custom Design
  • InSite IDX Property Search
  • RapidLaunch Landing Pages
  • Lead Capture Tools
  • MLS Landing Pages
  • Autogen SEO Per Listing
  • Social Media Integration
  • Cinemagraph Integration
  • Built-in Blog
  • Personal Support & much more!
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Hands Free Marketing

Stop spending countless hours behind your computer and let Social NetworX help you create original content for every listing.

  • Engaging Looping-Sky Cinemagraphs

    Get more eyes on your property with a unique, eye-catching cinemagraph for each of your listings.

  • Automated Video Creation

    A property hightlight video for every listing. Uploaded directly to your personal Youtube.

  • SuperCharged Listings

    We'll download your listings from MLS and augment the content to make your listing look amazing.

  • RapidLaunch IDX Websites

    Turn any property detail page into a custom landing page. Great for search engine optimization.

  • One-Click Search Engine Optimization

    Not an SEO expert? No worries, we take full control of optimizing your listing for the best search results possible.

  • Agent Trophy Case

    Wow new clients in listing presentations with examples of for sale, pending, and sold listings.

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We create a looping-sky cinemagraph to increase the initial engagement this listing receives and capture the attention of future homebuyers!

This cutting-edge marketing tool has a “71% higher organic reach on social media than still photos” -

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How Cinemagraphs Work

A cinemagraph is the most effective way to grab attention on social media. These cinemagraphs bring your listings to life by transforming a static photo of the front of a house into a moving image. Oh, and the best part, it requires no work on your part. We use one of your existing photos from the property and send you an email within 24 hours of your listing hitting the market.

You can receive the Social NetworX SuperCharge listings with unlimited cinemagraphs each month. As soon as your listing hits MLS you will receive a text message with your completed landing pages and MLS approved virtual tours. You can then either choose the photo you would like to use for the cinemagraph or we can choose it for you. If you ignore the text our graphic design team will hand select and create the cinemagraph for you and will alert you the moment it is completed.

Our system is fully automated and designed to minimize the time you spend behind a computer and maximize the time you spend with your clients. We have created an easy one-click social media share button that allows you to instantly post this cinemagraph to social media and start generating more leads. Our goal is to help you provide more value for your clients, set yourself apart from your competition, and increase your sales and referrals.

Automated Video Creation

Listings with videos are proven to sell faster! We create one of these high quality videos for all of your listings!

A study found that "Homes listed with video get four times the inquiries of homes listed without video" (National Association of Realtors). Also, “85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video” (NAR).

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How Automated Video Creation Works

Our software automatically creates a property highlight video for every one of your listings within 24 hours of them going active. Here is how it works: When you put a new listing in MLS you will receive a text message that congratulates you on the new listing and asks if you want to choose the photos for your video yourself, or if you prefer to let us choose them. If you don’t pick the photos yourself, we will automatically create a video using the best photos available and will include your contact info. Your personal photo or logo will be included in each video as well to maximize your brand awareness.

These videos are clean, professional and impressive to your clients, but the best part is they increase your digital footprint. Here is why that matters. Google bought YouTube and there is a huge preference for YouTube videos when it comes to Google search rank. "The chances of getting a page one listing on google increases by 53 times with video,” according to the NAR. Search engine optimization (SEO) comes down to who has the best content and the most of it. As your digital footprint increase, potential clients are able to easily find your direct contact information when they type in one of your listing addresses or start looking for agents in their area.

The videos we create for you will be automatically be uploaded to your YouTube channel (which we are happy to help you set up) and backlink to your website or property landing pages. We handle all the meta tags, permalinks, and all the other nerdy computer stuff, which leaves you free to focus on people.

You can even create videos for your sold listings in order to jump start that digital footprint. This is an easy way to over deliver for your clients and immediately set yourself apart in your next listing presentation. “85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who uses video,” according to the NAR.

Search Engine Optimized Listings

Become a search engine optimization wizard in seconds! All you do is type in the keywords and we do the rest.

Please enter a SEO Keyword.
Optimize SEO
  • Submit to Google
  • Optimize Title Tags
  • Optimize Meta Descriptions
  • Optimize Page Headers
  • Youtube Descriptions
  • Rename Listing Photos
  • Update Photo Alt Tags
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